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I wasn't planning on sharing this, which is the reason it has taken me so long to post anything. I wrote this during the darkest point I've had. Ever.

darkness surrounds me

like a wave it drags me under

i come up to take a breath

inhaling more dark than air

will it go away

it feels never ending

like a cloak

a shadow

never leaving

always pressing

it comes for me when i don't expect it

like a lion prowling in the night

it attacks

i can't stop it


it has a hold on me

i have no communication with the outside

my friends are mostly gone

i don't understand the thoughts in my head

will i ever

not really thoughts

just darkness

a fog that clouds everything

everything is hazy

i'm not okay

someone please save me

i'm going too deep

i can't swim my way out

God help me

i need you

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