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some much needed details

so i thought i would give some details about myself so ya'll aren't just thinking i'm some crazy weirdo... i'll start with 10 facts about myself.

  1. i love books. writing. the literary world. i can disappear into it, and the fact that you have the ability to build an entire world with your fingers is amazing to me.

  2. i have anxiety. and depression. among other things. which can probably be guessed if you read most of what i've written...

  3. i play the piano. i've gotten pretty good too. i can pick up and play just about anything from the hymnal, and some really pretty random pieces. maybe i can upload a few videos at some time.

  4. i hate red grapes, but will eat an entire bag of sour green grapes by myself. my siblings know not to touch the bag of green grapes if have them...

  5. i love vegetables so much that i would willingly be a vegetarian if i didn't like some meat. i could eat veggies 24/7.

  6. i love veggie tales. yes. the old veggie tales. and i hate the new netflix version of veggie tales. let's just be honest. it stinks. and i use stronger language when i'm not writing something for the world to see...

  7. i am scared of the ocean. okay, not scared. but weary. i refuse to go in deeper than my waist. even that makes me panic. also, i hate sharks... which doesn't really need to be said.

  8. i love spicy foods. i would eat an entire bowl of salsa if i could without my taste buds dying.

  9. i adore Mr. Darcy. from the 2005 version. he's adorable! and the perfect actor was used too! he's just a cinnamon roll! *fangirl language* also, did you notice i used several exclamation points? and you wonder why...

  10. if i didn't already know what i wanted to do in life, my dream job would either be a vet-tech, or a photographer. i hope to get my new camera within a few weeks, and start using my own photos for my blog.

well let's be honest, that probably just made you positive that i am a weirdo...

oh well. *sighs*

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